We would like to keep you informed ;-)
We would like to keep you informed ;-)



Ancient Heavy Boxes

"Ancient Heavy Boxes" is a cinematic Percussion Library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. What is so special about this library? Ten cardboard-boxes have been recorded in different positions and styles. We used sticks, brushes and hammers. We hit, scratched and smashed them. And after recording over 5.000 samples we chose 2.500 to be the best so we can come up with 15 unique patches: 


  • Bass Drum 1 & 2
  • Brushed Boxes 1 - 6
  • Paper Djembe
  • Taikos 1 - 3
  • Tom Drums 1 - 3


Boxes? Made of paper? Hit with drumsticks?!

Yeah, we know how crazy that sounds. But recorded in the right way they really sound fantastic! We found out that paperboxes have a special unique sound that can give some very interesting edge to a track. Even the Genre doesn't matter. The "Ancient Heavy Boxes" can be used in Cinematic Trailer tracks as good as they could fit in Indie Rock songs acting like big tom drums. Just open your mind and play around.



Most of the patches consist of 10 white playable keys so you have one and a half octaves to play around with your drum sounds. As always our library is completely dry so it will be very easy to integrate this library in your template by using your own reverbs. The samples are recorded and processed in 41kHz / 16 bit and the Zip file requires about 500 mb disk space.


(Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5)

La Ancient Belle

„La Ancient Belle“ is a Bell Library for Kontakt 5. The Bell is an instrument of the Metallophone-Family just like the bigger sister of the Glockenspiel. The Bell is well known as an instrument used by marching bands to accompany the high flutes or the Lyra. While the Lyra is carried on a stick, sounding like a Glockenspiel, the Bell is played like a Vibraphone hanging in front of the player.


The solid aluminum bars have a beautiful and warm sound in the middle section and a crystal clear voice in the higher octave reminding of a wonderful music box sound. The native range is two and a half octaves from g” to c””, tuned in A=442. The Library provides two additional pitched octaves to thicken the sound if necessary.


The patch consists of 30 native ranged keys recorded in high quality 41kHz / 24 bit wave format. Every key has three velocity layers, each containing three Roundrobins. So the patch consists of 270 recorded samples plus two additional octaves pitched sounds of the same quality.


The extracted ZIP file requires 190 mb of disk space.


(Requires Full Version of Kontakt or higher)



Ancient Madame

The “Ancient Madame” is a Hurdy Gurdy Library for Kontakt 5. The Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument that is older than thousand years. With its absolutely unique sound it is well known as a medieval instrument that is still often being played on medieval events. Taleweaver Orchestra took it upon himself to capture the smoky voice of this wonderful French Lady and make it ready for your own musical creations. I think the “Ancient Madame” has become a precious asset of the “Ancient Series”.


The library includes high quality recordings in 48 kHz / 24 bit wave format arranged in three and a half octaves. The first octave contains the drone sounds and the others the lead voices. You can choose between several high and low G or D drones or even use them both at the same time. It is possible to set the volume of the drones in separation to the lead voice. You can also adjust the volume of the key sounds. Every lead tone consists of three round robins.



The RAR package requires about 270 mb of disk space.


(Requires Full Version of Kontakt or higher)


Ancient Deep Drums

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The "Ancient Deep Drums" is a Kontakt Instrument. These Deep Drums are the percussion you have been waiting for. It's smooth or heavy, just as you want it to be. It can be used in the background for giving the composition more substance or you can put it in the foreground to enhance the drive and the power of your music. This instrument is developed to let you do both: epic or smooth or even both =) A user of this instrument said: "This drums can be the perfect 'silent' drums that accompanies all the other percussion to give it more depth."

The "Ancient Deep Drums" is recorded in 44100 Hz / 16 bit / wave-format. It contains 35 ensemble loops and a single hit Instrument. The loops are scaled along the keyboard. The single instrument is scaled on two keys. Every key consists of 7 velocity layers and every layer is devided into 5 Round Robins. (2 Keys x 7 Layers x 5 Round Robins) + 35 Loops = 105 Samples.


(Requires Full Version of Kontakt or higher)

Ancient Plucked Dulcimer

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The Taleweaver "Ancient Plucked Dulcimer" is a sampled Download-Instrument for Native Instruments' Kontakt. The Instrument the samples are taken from is about thirty years old and so it sounds slightly out of tune here and there. The silvery overtones in the middle and high register add the special edge to this unique sounding instrument. So it’s perfect for magical or even horrifying music-experiences. 


The Kontakt-Instrument has a range of four Octaves. Since the original Dulcimer has a range of only two octaves, the highest and lowest octaves are pitched. So playing the main parts and melodies in the middle two octaves is recommended. All samples are in wav-format, 44100kHz  / 16bit and devided into three Round Robin Layers.


(Requires Full Version of Kontakt or higher) 

Taleweaver - Phenomenon

This is the third solo-metal-album of Taleweaver, written, composed and produced by Dan Oliver Finke. Everything you hear is made by this one person ^^


Release: August 2012

Produzent: Dan Oliver Finke




  1. Seelenschleier
  2. Last Poetry
  3. Soul of Shadows
  4. Realism
  5. Nightmare
  6. Willbreaker
  7. You and I
  8. Eternal Sleep
  9. Silver and Gold
  10. Phenomenon
  11. Sylvester








Die Blutlilie


von Dan Oliver Finke alias "Antonio Coltello"




Winter 1944. Aus dem Loch in ihrer Brust ragt eine blutgetränkte Lilie. Wurde Maria Santino Opfer eines finsteren Rituals? Die Detectives Luca Coltello und Nico Spadone wollen den Mörder zur Strecke bringen. Während ihrer Ermittlungen verstricken sie sich immer tiefer in die Machenschaften der Mafia, bis sie sich plötzlich auf der anderen Seite des Gesetzes wiederfinden.


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Einige Stimmen auf Amazon:


"Es steckt voller unerwarteter Wendungen, witziger Dialoge, die den Leser des Öfteren zum Schmunzeln bringen, interessanter Charaktere und es hat einige Spannungs- und Schockmomente."


"Ich bin eigentlich kein großer Fan von Kriminalromanen, doch ehe ich mich versah, wurde ich eines Besseren belehrt."


""Die Blutlilie" ist voll von Action und Hochspannung. Und so bleibt es auch das ganze Buch über."


"Die Story ist gefüllt mit Blei, Blut, Sex und Intrigen. Die Polizei ist auf jeden Fall ordentlich beschäftigt, und ob bei der Polizeiarbeit alles immer ganz sauber abläuft, sollte der Leser am besten selbst herausfinden."