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Stringed Bundle


This Bundle consists of all Ancient Instruments in the Stringed-Category:


Percussion Bundle


This Bundle consists of all Ancient Instruments in the Percussion-Category:


Keys & Mallets Bundle


This Bundle consists of all Ancient Instruments in the Keys & Mallets-Category.


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It contains 126 samples, 3 velocity layers, 6 round robins.

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Bowed Psaltery


A Psaltery is an Instrument that consists of a triangle shaped corpus with strings aligned across the upper surface. It can be played by finger picking or by using short bows.

You need something that cuts through the mix? Something with a silvery sounding color with a realistic medieval touch? Then this is your choice.

Hurdy Gurdy


The Hurdy Gurdy is an instrument that is older than a thousand years. With its absolutely unique sound it is well known as a medieval instrument that is still being played on medieval events.

We took it upon ourselves to capture the smoky voice of this wonderful French Lady and make it ready for your own musical creations.

Plucked Dulcimer


The particular Instrument we recorded here is about thirty years old. It sounds slightly out of tune here and there which gives it the special edges.

The silvery overtones of the middle and high register makes it sound brilliant and cutting through. This one is perfect for magical or even horrifying music experiences.


Crushed Cymbals


Ancient Crushed Cymbals is an stunning sample library that focuses solely on offering the widest range of crushed cymbals available on the market.

Broken, ruptured, scratched and crushed cymbals have all been recorded in every variation you can think of. These cymbals are breathing living creatures as you can hear when they roar, whisper and scream.

Deep Drums


The sound of the Deep Drums is rich and bassy but also soft and smooth, thanks to the big drumshells and big sized membranes.

They are perfect for powerful drum patterns and also subtle enrichments of other rhythm- and percussion ensembles. The carefully recorded phrases add a very natural feel to them.

Heavy Boxes


The Heavy Boxes are a splendid example of how powerful and cinematic instruments made of paper can sound like.

If used on the first chair position playing aggressive patterns or in the background supporting the mix: these drums are not made for the normal but for the special composers out there.

Keys and Mallets

Belle Glockenspiel


With its mellow and brilliant sound the Belle Glockenspiel is a fantastic mixture of celesta and glockenspiel.

Dreamy and mystical moments reach a new level when supported by this beautiful instrument and we bet you can feel the sparkling magic in the air.

Woodhammer Piano


Wooden hammers and patina-coated strings give the Woodhammer Piano its unique voice and a very extraordinary character.

The two versions of the instrument let you choose between the clicking Honky Tonk sound or the more subtle and smooth Old Piano sound. This gives you wide variety of possibilities.


Producer of Music & Audio-Software

Taleweaver Orchestra was founded by Dan Oliver Finke - a music composer and sound engineer. It is a music production company that stands for high quality and unique sounding audio tracks and Instrument Sample Libraries.

Behind the sounds

My name is Dan Oliver Finke and I am the founder of Taleweaver Orchestra. I made my bachelor’s grade in musicology, music composition and audio-technics.

I am a musician and a sound-artist driven by passion. My heart beats for great music and wonderful audio-experiences which you can easily feel when using the Taleweaver Orchestra libraries or listening to my soundtracks.

As a music-composer I write soundtracks for all kinds of media like games, feature films, websites, commercials and advertisements. As a sound-designer I create sample libraries for Native Instrument’s Kontakt, well known as “The Ancient Series by Taleweaver Orchestra”. And as a session-musician I am involved in many production-libraries by playing and recording guitars, violin and cello.



I believe that music is magic!

For me music is magic and each music instrument has a soul, a strong character and a personality. That is what I believe in and what I am passionate about. I want to inspire you to do this special kind of magic because I think it is a beautiful gift. What you need is the fitting magic wand and that is where I come into play:

I am focused on making special sounding sample libraries that capture the core elements of each instrument: soul & character. Forget about all the unnecessary extras that clutter up the memory of your workstation. You don’t want to dissipate your energy while fumbling around on properties for hours. Only to find out that it does not sound the way you wanted it.

Load - Play - Enjoy! You want to sit down, load a library, hit the keys and enjoy the beauty reaching your ears. This is why I make the TWO products as powerful but also as simple as possible. What you hear is what you get – no hidden strings attached (ha ha - pun). The TWO libraries are easy to use because I want you to focus on doing magic instead of drilling the magic wand yourself. Let me do all the engineering to give you the best experience possible and you do what you do best: make great music.

Together we will write new wonderful tales.

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